Auto Money Machine

You work for money? or Money work for you?. Most of today’s ideal to earn money is by working for money to sustain in the day to day needs meaning the moment you stop working your earnings stop also and if that’s the way you are doing right now for me its danger. But its not too late their is another side that are waiting for the only thing we should do is to change our mind setting once you change it will easy for you to do the auto money machine what is that? Auto money machine is you need only 10 percent of your time that’s it, you set-up the system and then leave it, for example by making a website let say you make a lyrics site wherein you put all the lyrics you like that your visitor needs too then give at least 2 hours a day optimize it, go to forums, have relation to others bloggers, make a fan pages on facebook by doing this you will be able to have huge of visitor, maybe after 2 to 3 months of working traffics are starting then put some adsense code afterward you will start earning through become a adsense publisher doing that for several months just 10 percent time then the leverage start up. There are many ways to earn just only as an example so be it always think an auto money machine income so that our life will not be in dangered that’s how I learned. How about you?