What Is A Sales Funnel

Are you familiar with the Inbound Marketing technique? Here’s a quick explanation in case you don’t know what this is.

This is a marketing strategy that aims to actively attract, delight, and conquer your target audience. You create content that will actually generate interest and engage with customers and leads, creating a closer relationship between the brand’s consumers and the customers.

This makes it easy to enjoy the content, and doesn’t seem like your sole purpose is to sell products or services (it’s not an intrusive offer).

This strategy is very popular with entrepreneurs and businesses, because of its high commercial return.

What is the relationship between Inbound Marketing, and the sales funnel?

A sales funnel is an essential principle for Inbound Marketing. It ensures the maximum commercial results of a company. Without a quality funnel, your website or e-commerce may be losing customers.

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What is a sales funnel?

The sales funnel describes the path taken by your target audience to purchase or acquire a service.

This begins with the initial contact to your page or brand, product, or service and continues until the sale is complete. This sales funnel should also include the after-sales to ensure customer loyalty.

To illustrate the metaphor of the funnel, we use it as a metaphor to describe the broad top (representing all the users who come in contact with your company) and the gradual channel (representing the customer’s journey from initial contact to purchase).

The sales funnel phases can basically be divided into:

Funnel Top – First Phase

The top of the funnel includes discovery, attraction, and learning about the product or service. Interest in consuming is still not evident at this time.

Second Phase – Middle of Funnel

Once the product or service is recognized and there is an initial interest in an acquisition.

Third Phase – Funnel Fund

The purchase is complete and all after-sales processes are completed (to maintain customer loyalty).

What does the sales funnel do?

The sales funnel is designed to educate, convince, convert, retain, and capture customers.

It is, in this sense, a way of attracting people who are interested in a product or service.

The sales funnel will allow you to target the entire sales process more effectively and efficiently. It also serves as a measurement for managing negotiations and evaluating commercial opportunities.


There are many benefits to this sales funnel technique, but here are the main ones.

The sales process as a whole can be improved

Improved skills development in understanding how to approach clients and what to do to achieve this;

  • Customers and business opportunities are more likely to be retained.
  • The sales process explained to the team
  • Maximizing business efficiency and productivity

It is easy to assess and identify which stage of the business processes needs to be improved.


A sales funnel is a key marketing strategy that will help you grow your business.

This technique is difficult to use. Understanding your target audience is the first step to understanding it.

Find out what their interests, questions, problems, and doubts are. Also, find out who makes the purchase decision.

This will make it possible to create a sustainable and scalable sales process.

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