9 Top Rated TV Series For Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for inspiration to be an entrepreneur? This post will help you find inspiration (or not) to inspire you as an entrepreneur. We have already shared some films about entrepreneurs. Now we are going to show you ten complete series on streaming for entrepreneurs.

Learn about finance and entrepreneurship in this series

Three titles that emphasize the importance of competitiveness are three of the best series for entrepreneurs.


Billions is a series with the finance world as its backdrop. Bobby “Ax” Axelrod, the Wall Street’s private equity kingpin, has had a huge influence on public opinion. He is a dangerous man and no one wants to touch him. However, he is involved in an insider trading case, where Chuck Rhoades (a well-known New York prosecutor), crosses his path. This story explores the role of psychology in finance, how important reputation is in companies, and whether it is necessary to know the competition or hire the right professionals for your business. It also reminds us of the power of information.


Today’s most important business series is Industry. This story shows how a group young people makes their way in one of the largest financial companies in the context of economic recovery. They are under immense labor and social pressure to prove their worth. It shows entrepreneurs who are trying to realize their dreams while taking more trips than they want.

House of Lies

House of Lies is a television series that was inspired by a book about corrupt business advisers who will do whatever it takes to close down a company. It shows aspects such as the desire for power and fierce rivalry within the banking sector. It’s interesting to see that money doesn’t always equal success. This demonstrates the importance of solid business principles.

Motivational series to have fun at work

You can find a variety of series on Netflix for entrepreneurs – which you can access in full – that will give you motivation and in some cases a humorous perspective on work life.

Sillicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the story of Richard Hendricks who is a computer programmer and creates a new technology. He enters the business world with little knowledge of entrepreneurship. You have to deal effectively with competitors and large companies. We will be able to find many messages and tips on entrepreneurship.

Stop and catch fire

Halt and Catch Fire was set in the eighties and follows the story of a computer programer and a computer salesman who develop a revolutionary computer that can compete with the likes of IBM. It shows that entrepreneurial success requires problem solving and that vision is key to your company’s success. This series teaches you how to look at your company through the eyes of someone who has overcome obstacles.


Suits is a series that focuses on lawyers, but it can also work well as a great series for entrepreneurs. It teaches how to be a team player, negotiate and have self-confidence in business. Michael Ross is the protagonist. He lies on his resume to get him hired at one of New York’s most prestigious law offices. This is motivating, as it demonstrates the importance of trusting oneself.

The Office

The Office is a comedy about the day to day life of a company. It parodies American culture. This series is highly recommended for entrepreneurs because it offers a humorous perspective on everyday workplace situations. The background is that it teaches you to have fun at work, be confident in yourself, and get out of your comfort zone.

Fashion series about entrepreneurs

It’s no accident that three female empowerment examples are featured in the most popular series on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.


Girlboss, a comedy about entrepreneurship, is a great example of inspiring comedy. This comedy shows that a crisis should be seen as a chance. The story is about a woman in desperate need of a job. She starts selling second-hand clothing to help her get out of this predicament. He becomes a leader in the fashion industry almost without realizing it. We learn how she opens stores, the sales strategies she uses, and how she unleashes her creativity.

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