How Does Internet Kill Switch Works?

Yesterday night before I’m going to sleep I came to read my emailed sending by someone stated by an interesting title ” Stop the Switch! Have you heard about the “internet kill switch”?” in that moment I’m awake and starting to read more up to the end of the message, as I understand it’s all about in the internet access that can a government has the technical or legal power to cut off the entire country the internet connection, is just llike switching off the light or lamp. Imagine if that happens maybe huge of people around the world or around the country become in war why because at present people are more depending to internet even kids, there are lots of internet marketers earned a huge amount of money and even part of their basic needs. But it’s not too late if we come together to stop this by signing to this link . I do hope that it will not happen.


Obama Intenet kill switch plan approved by Us Senate panel

The Intenet Kill switch Bill: What it is, and why it won’t die

Internet kill switch bill will return

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