Why We All Need a Bible??

A bible is a word of God, His breath, our map of life, it is the complete manual of life, it can correct, can renewed our mind, can change and can provide a successful life. Without the reading of God’s word the bible we are just like a climbers going to forest they don’t know the exact road to follow. As we pray we are talking to God but if we want ‘ God’s talk to us the number way is by reading the bible though there are lots of ways.  Some says don’t read the bible the moment you read the bible you’ll become crazy that’s very wrong mindset. For me if you don’t read the bible you’re life will become miserable you don’t what’s the purpose of your life. The more your read the bible the more you understand the will of God in your life. I just encourage you to have a scheduled reading the word of God before sleeping and after sleeping. We physically conscious but we left the spiritual conscious which is very important.