How To Set up Sitemaps on WordPress

Set upping sitemap on wordpress is just like reading abc it is very very simple but for the benefit of the new babe like me that while ago i’m successfully installed I want to share what i have experience. Just follow below.

1.  Download the rar file to this site Google XML sitemaps

2. Log-in to your wordpress admin dashboard

3. click the plugins

4. Clikc the add new

5. click the upload between search and featured

6. click browse ( locate the google sitemap generatore rar file)

7. click install and click active

8. again click the plugins again then browse where you see the Google XML sitemaps

9. Click the setting of Google XML sitemaps

10. click below “The site wasn’t generated yet”  where the site wasn’t built yet click here

10. after clicking there’s a message says Result of the last build process, started on June 2, 2011 12:57 pm.

“if that the message congratulation you are successfully installed the google XML sitemaps

to test its look like this when you like the link


I installed this sitemap generator, it looks like awesome, because your visitor can click the links say sitemaps and then can able to see all your post by category which means a truly sitemaps compared to above details please follow this useful links.

1. download

2. instruction