How To Set up Sitemaps on WordPress

Set upping sitemap on wordpress is just like reading abc it is very very simple but for the benefit of the new babe like me that while ago i’m successfully installed I want to share what i have experience. Just follow below.

1.  Download the rar file to this site Google XML sitemaps

2. Log-in to your wordpress admin dashboard

3. click the plugins

4. Clikc the add new

5. click the upload between search and featured

6. click browse ( locate the google sitemap generatore rar file)

7. click install and click active

8. again click the plugins again then browse where you see the Google XML sitemaps

9. Click the setting of Google XML sitemaps

10. click below “The site wasn’t generated yet”  where the site wasn’t built yet click here

10. after clicking there’s a message says Result of the last build process, started on June 2, 2011 12:57 pm.

“if that the message congratulation you are successfully installed the google XML sitemaps

to test its look like this when you like the link


I installed this sitemap generator, it looks like awesome, because your visitor can click the links say sitemaps and then can able to see all your post by category which means a truly sitemaps compared to above details please follow this useful links.

1. download

2. instruction


All About FTP on Dreamhost Through WordPress

This site is almost five months now but I never transfer file from my computer to dreamhost server. But today May 11, 2011 I intend to explore what’s FTP is all about how it works, what I’m i going to do to transfer file from my computer to dreamhost server but thanks for this links from dreamhost help.  I came to that point because after downloading and installing the FTP client to this site, it need the username the password etc. And now I’m successfully connected to Dreamhost hosting, and I’m ready to transfer the file.

Today’s Modern World Is A Tremedous One

Problems are always ready to comes in, when the first one are resolves, we cannot deny that, because as Christian we are subject the works of the enemy specially if you are so active working in the kingdom of God. We can always always asked ourselves  why is this happening, what’s the purpose. God grant this because He want as to mold to perfect from glory to glory. I realized if you could look or see the youth of today’s present world, they are sp liberated because of what they are observes as the people surrounded, they are surrounded  by movies, internet, classmates, etc. today’s huge of a drug addicted youth, early pregnant that cause big problems to their parents the only cause of this is they are influence of today’s worldly activities.  We can all resolves this by giving and sharing them with the word of God and more importantly to share God’s love.


Latest Action Movie for 2011

I’m movie addicted specially action movie, no wonder that i always sleep at 12:00 midnight. I love action movie, the big reason behind is that I want learned something new that outside my day to day activities as feeding of my mind for the newest of this world, like gadget, newest car or amazing things that actor done. By the way I did not buy anything I just download it afterward i shared to my co office mate. My favorite download site is the site that I always download before I got to sleep. I used utorrent to upload the movie file but before you download the prerequisite is you must see to it that it’s a good movie otherwise you download a virus.. so make it sure that you read the comments first like audio = 10 and video = 10. that’s all I can say.. it 12:15 in my watch. Is Scam or NOT Internet Money Maker

Just recently I sign at because as I read huge of reviews about this product it so easy and not a SCAM actually. I gathered links about this product just read all this very informative article for sure you will not dismayed.. don’t forget to registered at the banner below.

digitalpoint – their prices seems good comparing to other similar sites.

Is a Scam?

is still relatively new to the internet and it has people wondering if it’s a scam. We’ve scoured numerous message boards, websites, and blogs to read why people ask if this site is a scam.

Make Money with is a free URL shortening service with a twist..get paid to share your links on the Internet! Just register for an account and start shrinking. You get paid for every person that visits your URLs. First, you shorten your links with, and then you post them or send them to people as you usually would with any shortened link.

Adf Ly Is Scam

As of November 13th, 2010, is reporting a Payout Rate of $4.73 for CPM in the United States. Join


By Ross Dalangin

Many of my friends are now using to send links instead of to shorten their long URLs. So instead of giving a link to a free links can make money

I was never aware that sometime big URL’s which was pain in our Memory starts making money for us.  Yeah , right this ADF.LY service is giving money for every visit comes to our URL which is redirect through there website.


Bible: John 3:16, Juan 3:16

John 3:16 New International Version
16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


The subject of the whole bible is all about God how He is powerful revealed. And the best verse in the bible is found in the book of John or John 3:16.. Every time we read this verse we put a mark, based on the history about this verse we can make 20 outlines out of this only one verse, you just image.. Why this verse is so insignificant?? to know more I just explained a little, though we can make it more. entitled “Some Characteristics of God’s Love” since this month of February is a love month, I want to talk more about love. The very first we noticed on that verse is God has an unlimited Love which found in the word of John 3:16 “For God so loved the world” meaning He love whether you are a poor, a rich, ugly or pretty handsome etc. He loves the world more than you could imagine. Secondly is Unselfish Love “That He gaveth His only begotten Son” He is not seeing their owned needs but the needs of others. The third which is the last Unending Love “Have everlasting life” He promised that whoever believe in His  name that he died and rose from the grave with faith have everlasting life. It’s my prayer that as your read this article God will touch you heart and realize the most important of your life to accept Christ as personal savior. This is the prerequisite if we want to go to heaven not our own good works. Thanks and God bless us all.

How Does Internet Kill Switch Works?

Yesterday night before I’m going to sleep I came to read my emailed sending by someone stated by an interesting title ” Stop the Switch! Have you heard about the “internet kill switch”?” in that moment I’m awake and starting to read more up to the end of the message, as I understand it’s all about in the internet access that can a government has the technical or legal power to cut off the entire country the internet connection, is just llike switching off the light or lamp. Imagine if that happens maybe huge of people around the world or around the country become in war why because at present people are more depending to internet even kids, there are lots of internet marketers earned a huge amount of money and even part of their basic needs. But it’s not too late if we come together to stop this by signing to this link . I do hope that it will not happen.


Obama Intenet kill switch plan approved by Us Senate panel

The Intenet Kill switch Bill: What it is, and why it won’t die

Internet kill switch bill will return

Why We All Need a Bible??

A bible is a word of God, His breath, our map of life, it is the complete manual of life, it can correct, can renewed our mind, can change and can provide a successful life. Without the reading of God’s word the bible we are just like a climbers going to forest they don’t know the exact road to follow. As we pray we are talking to God but if we want ‘ God’s talk to us the number way is by reading the bible though there are lots of ways.  Some says don’t read the bible the moment you read the bible you’ll become crazy that’s very wrong mindset. For me if you don’t read the bible you’re life will become miserable you don’t what’s the purpose of your life. The more your read the bible the more you understand the will of God in your life. I just encourage you to have a scheduled reading the word of God before sleeping and after sleeping. We physically conscious but we left the spiritual conscious which is very important.

Auto Money Machine

You work for money? or Money work for you?. Most of today’s ideal to earn money is by working for money to sustain in the day to day needs meaning the moment you stop working your earnings stop also and if that’s the way you are doing right now for me its danger. But its not too late their is another side that are waiting for the only thing we should do is to change our mind setting once you change it will easy for you to do the auto money machine what is that? Auto money machine is you need only 10 percent of your time that’s it, you set-up the system and then leave it, for example by making a website let say you make a lyrics site wherein you put all the lyrics you like that your visitor needs too then give at least 2 hours a day optimize it, go to forums, have relation to others bloggers, make a fan pages on facebook by doing this you will be able to have huge of visitor, maybe after 2 to 3 months of working traffics are starting then put some adsense code afterward you will start earning through become a adsense publisher doing that for several months just 10 percent time then the leverage start up. There are many ways to earn just only as an example so be it always think an auto money machine income so that our life will not be in dangered that’s how I learned. How about you?

Working Smart not Working Hard

It is not how work for money but how money works.. While I’m attending iiee convention, i’m not expected that i could attend john calub moneymagnet training because of a hectic schedule but because of my passion to learned John Calub strategy how to become a billionaire no barrier could stop me. Here’s what I’ve learned just follow below.:


“Rich people are bad and greedy”  poor belief

“I can be rich and spiritual at the same time” rich belief

“Hindi importante ang pera ang importante masaya tayo” poor belief

“Money is important in all areas of your life” rich belief

“You have to work for money ” or No pain No gain” poor belief

“Money comes to me easily and effortlessly” rich belief

“You cannot be rich if you stay in the philippines” poor belief

“I can be rich wherever I am” rich belief

“Pag maikli ang kumot ikaw ay mpaluktot” poor belief

“Pagmaikli ang kumot bumili ka nag mas malaki”

every morning you should say this word,,,

“How can I earn me than one million this month”

“wealth is either” poor belief

“knowledge is power ” poor belief

“Wisdom is power” rich belief


How to become wealthy???

Step one is Decision to be rich

Always be with a wealthy and successful people just write a very rich people and make an schedule to meet and interview how they became a rich and if possilbe hug them for moneymagnet..

PAY YOUR SELF FIRST — this is where your money goes on.. how to save and how to spend. Make  and account for the specific saver and spending of your money just put and a marking in every account.. follow below..

1. I’ll always have have money account(1% only), what you focus on always expand

2. Financial leveration account (3%), working income and a passive income or passive is greater than expenses, we must invest it in passive income like the story of the golden egg..

3. Abundant spending (3%) this way you will spend all you saving money in one day this is the law of speculation.

4. Yearly Income 3%, you should know total budget in one year that you live without doing buy just saving an amount equal to your yearly budget

5. Tithes 10 percent give it to church this is the law of the universe and why 10 percent it because it is a binary system 1 and 0, 1 represent male energy and 0 represent female energy, this is a wealth creation, and we cannot break the law of the universe

6. Giving account 3 percent.. this your saving money will give to poor, or health that needed in that way, you start open the windows of heaven to pour out the blessing. When you give you will receive bountifully.

7. Dream Car account 3 percent

8. Dream House account 3 percent

9. Wisdom account 3 percent ( money going to improving yourself)

10. Safety Account 3 percent ( protect you from unexpected event”

11. Peace of mind account 3 percent ( wipe out your debt)

12. I’m always inlove account 3 percent ( for surprise gift)


1. Stock market ( look for stock broker, go to citisec for free seminar)

a.  foreign exchange ( High risk in only 10 minutes you became a millionaire or none)

2. Ongoing business income “Negosyo” ( royalties-by writing a book or writing a song, film, script, plays, patend)

Games (buy arts,software, game development)

3. Real Estate (Buy condo to rent out, rent to rent it again to a higher amount)

4. Internet base(Affiliate programe just go to amazon and be a affiliate, google adsense, establish payment method at asia fee

5. Network marketing ( residual income you work only once)

6. Low labor business ( parking lot, self storage unit, ATM machine, bending machine, video archade machine, billboards)

7. Franchising ( be a franchise source)

8. Plan a business creative ideas.