Family Bible Study Reading

Reading the word of God is like eating physical food. When you are accepted Christ as your personal savior you become the Children of God in you are part of the spiritual family or the body of Christ. Now that you become the children of God is not all there you must eat spiritual food so that God will work in your life continually. That’s why reading the word of God the bible is the most important thing nothing else.

Yesterday July 9, 2012 I and my wife decided to read the bible before we sleep at night. We have a big goal this year to read from book of mattew to revelation. The things we do is my wife read in visaya language while I read in english language and we synchronize. After that we pick verse that holy spirit speaks to us then explain it what are God promises, commands to obey etc. She first lead the opening prayer and I will closing the prayer the lasting we do is one kiss “korney hehehe”.

I pray that God’s sustaining grace we receive every day so that we finish this goal this coming December successfully and meaningfully.

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