Cebu Escapade with My Family

My priority in life is my family second to God, that is why I invest more time in my family rather than the things of this world. Actually, last February 11 – February 14, 2018, Me and my family had a chanced to explore in cebu city. indeed it was a great experience though I’am so tired because I’am the one driving the car to make it detailed I want  to tell you below what was happened.

Cebu pacific : Last October 2017 we bought an airplane ticket back and port worth 5000 plus, it was a promo from Cebu pacific company called peso fair..

Rent a car: We rent a car worth 1500 per day, I rent for two day, so the  total bill is 3000 plus 200 for deliver and pick up plus an additional of 3000 as deposit for refundable.

Hotel : first day we stay at express inn at mactan worth 1650 good for 5 persons, 2nd day at strella  del  mar  at toledo city worth 1,950 pesos and 3rd day at Lapu Lapu city at the back of airport mactan worth 1150 only.

Places :

First day : Temple of Leah, Sirao and stay at Toledo City in Strella Del Mar – it was a nice hotel has pool and big Room for your family.
Second day : Kawasan falls but before Kawasan falls we passed by from many Municipality for you to go to Kawasan fall it’s 70 kilometer from Toledo City and it took almost 3 hours because of many curve road and SM seaside.
Third day: Lapu-Lapu Monument, Magellan Cross, Sto.Nino Church, shamrock, and Guitar factory at Alegre guitar factor were we bough a guitar worth 4000 pesos. Please see below my selected pictures.









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