The owner of this site is a Registered electrical engineer, Registered master electrician, a computer technician, Know how to drawing CAD both 2d and 3d, have a basic knowledge in visual basic programming, a blogger since 2007, a church youth leader, have a passion to spread the good news from God, that’s my positive side.

On the other hand he is poor in English grammar that’s why you cannot see a correct grammar it here all the article here is write in here own but the idea never mine everywhere as long a he remember.

Living the land of promise in Davao City since birth, a BisDak or Bisayang Dako.

If you ask me why, I name this blog jotoexplorer.com jo and to from my first name and surname as of now it’s a hidden secret, explorer since i’m a man full of exploration.. I love explore in many other cases it depends upon my interest and wants.

I have nothing to say.. my English is limited.. thanks for visiting and have a Great Day..

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